Are you thinking about starting your bathroom renovation journey? 

If you’ve been considering giving your bathroom a makeover, there are some factors to think about before beginning your project. Our designers have compiled a short list which you can review below.

Setting your budget

Before you begin to think about what you want in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to start putting together a budget to work to throughout your renovation.

Included in your budget will be:
– the design costs
– supply costs
– ripping out the original bathroom and disposal costs
– installation costs

If you’re knocking down a wall or extending your home for the new bathroom, you’ll need to consider those costs too. Also, if you’re changing the layout of the room there will be additional plumbing costs.

Whether you’re going to hire your own trades such as fitters or plumbers or use our recommended ones, this is still a cost that needs to be included in your budget. If you opt for our team, we will be able to accurately quote the overall cost for you. Often, our clients opt for our end-to-end management of their renovation project so that everything is done smoothly and to an extremely high standard.

Having a budget is a sensible idea for any renovation project, but this is also helpful for our designers. This allows them to know what ranges to suggest and how to help you stick to your budget whilst achieving everything you want in your new bathroom.

Making your wish list

Doing a home renovation is exciting, so you’re bound to be looking for inspiration and gathering ideas whilst scrolling on social media or visiting showrooms or even whilst watching TV.

Our designers suggest that you think about what you already really like about your current bathroom, and what works well for you. Then think about what you don’t like and what doesn’t work – so we can ensure these aren’t included in your final bathroom design. Obviously, if it is something essential then we won’t be able to remove it completely, however we may be able to suggest alternatives or a solution for the issue.

Also, if you have high end products on your wish list that don’t quite fit into your budget, we can source alternatives which are more budget friendly but still have the same look and feel of your desired product – without the bigger price tag. If you have certain parts of the room that you don’t mind about spending less on, then we can be flexible with your budget to achieve as much as possible off of your wish list all whilst supplying top quality products.


Depending on the bathroom size, and what products are going in the room, as well as if there is any additional work that has to be completed ahead of the bathroom install such as an extension, our fitters can usually get a bathroom turned around in less than 10 working days.

Our warehouse is in Milton Keynes and our products are sourced from UK and European manufacturers so are often available the next day for delivery and are in stock. If there is a bespoke product being made for you, then this will take longer to make as expected.

During your installation, our fitters always ensure you have a working bathroom with running water at all times so there is as little disruption to your day. If there is a scenario where the water does need turning off temporarily then this will be communicated to you with as much notice as possible and our fitters will not leave the property until you have running water again.

Colour schemes

What you’d like to have in your bathroom is completely up to you, so you can choose whatever colour scheme you’d prefer. However, our designers will suggest what would work best for your room, as they have done hundreds of designs and know what colours will be most suitable.

Following a home measure up, our designers will create your designs. As they have seen your room, they will be able to give a colour theme suggestion based off of how much natural light you already get in the room and can give an educated explanation as to why they have chosen the colours they have.

For example, if you wanted a dark themed room but there is a risk of it being claustrophobic our designers can suggest ways to still achieve the colour scheme you want without it becoming too dark.

Another way to include your preferred colours can be through the chosen tiles in the room. This may be a featured tiled wall to create a contrast in the room which include your chosen colours.

Do not worry if you haven’t thought about these things, as that is what our designers are here to assist you with.

If you’d like to have a free no obligation consultation with one of our designers, book an appointment with our designers in our Bletchley showroom to discuss your renovation and ideas you have in mind.

You can also look through our recent projects in our portfolio here.

Covering installations up to a 50-mile radius of our showroom in Bletchley is open 7 days a week, feel free to ring or pop in and one of the team will be ready to help!

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