Have you considered installing an additional bathroom in your home but you’re not sure if what you want is possible?  

Our knowledgeable team are well equipped to give you the best advice when it comes to renovating or installing your new bathrooms.

Typically, in older houses in the UK, there is only one bathroom for the entire home. As families outgrow their homes, there may be enough bedrooms however there may be a need for an additional bathroom. Even in today’s new-build houses, a two-bedroom house will typically have one family bathroom, and a downstairs cloakroom installed.

Often, there aren’t enough bathrooms for the number of people living in the house, so we’re seeing an increasing trend of homeowners opting to install additional bathrooms within their homes. Whether that be through extensions, renovating a room that wasn’t a bathroom before, or creating an additional room such as putting up stud walls internally in the house, and regularly as part of a loft conversion.

Depending on your budget, and building regulations, pretty much anything is possible. In some cases, you may need to get planning permission – for example if you’re installing an extension to your home.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, therefore you want it to be completed to a high standard and not to be rushed.

If there’s an area in your home that you think could become a bathroom, we can help you determine if that is achievable. Often, it is possible to renovate a room – it would just depend on your budget. Logistically, it can sometimes be easier to simply renovate an existing bathroom, but this comes down to the plumbing, waste management and electrics already in the room.

If you’re interested in giving your current bathroom an upgrade, this is easy to do. There may be more factors to consider, for example if you’re rearranging the layout of the room or wanting to install additional fittings such as a separate shower from the bath if you only had a bath before, or moving where your basin is in the room.

Following conversations with your architect (if you’re having an extension), you’ll then know where you can have a bathroom installed in your extension. To assure you that your expectations of your new bathroom will be met, there are a few considerations that will need to be confirmed such as if there is sufficient plumbing – which is something we can help with if this isn’t in place already. We can help you right from the beginning with your designs to make the best use of your new space, all the way through to your installation.

Following a home measure up, our designers are able to create a new bathroom to fit the space in your home. Having designed thousands of bathrooms, all with their individual challenges, our designers are well versed in bespoke bathroom design and creating a room that best uses your space.

In some cases, you may need to knock walls down or build an extension to create space for your new bathroom. You may also need plumbing works to gain water access to the room if there isn’t any there already. There are more factors that must be considered when installing a bathroom such as plumbing, electrical works and ventilation which the other rooms such as bedrooms do not need.

We’ve successfully installed bathrooms in our client’s homes in loft conversions, house extensions and when renovating an existing bathroom, so if you’re considering a bathroom refurb or renovation we’d love to help!

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