Upgrading your bathroom can bring a variety of benefits that enhance your lifestyle, improve functionality and even increase the value of your home.  

From changing accessories in your bathroom such as your soap dispenser to a full room renovation, our design team are here to assist you throughout the project, regardless of the size.  

When starting a renovation project, it can be all too easy to get carried away and become overwhelmed. Read on to hear that our ideas that aren’t just focussed on diving into the deep end of an entire room reconfiguration, to ease you into your project.   

To begin, you could simply give the accessories in your room an upgrade such as your soap dispenser, or towel rail. This is an easy, yet effective way to give your bathroom a makeover, without being too expensive. In our showroom, we stock products from multiple suppliers of which they are all on display for you to browse. See more of our suppliers here.

If you know you’d like to do more than this to your bathroom, such as replacing the furniture and fixtures the showroom also has various bathroom displays in differing styles and budgets to choose from. It’s very easy to change the fixtures in your bathroom with a straight swap for new products. However, sometimes there will be circumstances where you may need bespoke made products to fit your room. This is why our designers come in for a measure up at your home, to ensure they’re in the best position to know what is possible for you.    

In some cases, simply upgrading your bathroom fixtures can improve the efficiency of your home. For example, the Aqualisa digital showers enable you to save water and electricity due to their future proofed functionality. Being able to set your preferred temperature and turn the shower on from the app on your phone not only saves you time but also is better from an eco-conscious standpoint and it can save you money!  

A full room renovation can address issues such as leaks, mildew and outdated plumbing and ventilation, which can be common in older bathrooms. Over time, your brassware, tiles and products around your room will be affected from wear and tear.   

Also, if you find in your existing bathroom that there are inefficiencies in the layout, it may be an idea to reconfigure the layout of your room to create a more user-friendly space. This is also a good time to install underfloor heating if this is something you want.  

Our in-house creative, design and sales team are always on hand, 7 days a week, to answer any questions and to recommend products and solutions for your new bathroom.   

As part of our design package, we offer free design consultations, which allow you to see how your bathroom could look following the renovation. Our designers can make multiple options for you, following a home measure up, so you have an accurate and visual idea of how your room would look.   

Another way to give your bathroom a makeover is to refresh the tiles. We have hundreds to choose from, all differing in shapes and size and designs – which are all on display in our showroom. 

We work with a team of well-respected bathroom fitters who we will happily recommend to you.  

Our showroom has thousands of products on display, from full bathroom displays to new mixer taps, shower enclosures and tiles. So whether you want a full room renovation, or simply some upgrades in your existing room we would love to help you!   

If you’d like to have a free no obligation consultation with one of our designers, book an appointment with our designers in our Bletchley showroom to discuss your renovation and ideas you have in mind.

You can also look through our recent projects in our portfolio here.

Covering installations up to a 50-mile radius of our showroom in Bletchley is open 7 days a week, feel free to ring or pop in and one of the team will be ready to help!